Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top Tweets - #nickcleggsfault

I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite tweets from the massive thread on Twitter which takes the mickey out of the way the Tory press is going for Nick Clegg.

"my betterware catalogue is taking the words classy and stylish to new levels. must be #nickcleggsfault" from rachelogerisso

"Nick Clegg was seen two weeks ago poking Eyjafjallajokull with a stick #nickcleggsfault" from urbancyclist

Just thinking, next Thick of It eps will be even better! #nickcleggsfault alexaamy

was going to take the girls to the beach tomorrow but now it's going to rain, that's #nickcleggsfault Yes, Mammy Dalby, but the sun will come outin very many ways if the Lib Dems win!

Who says Lab & Tory web campaign has been a disaster? They came up with biggest 2 tweetmemes: #iagreewithnick & #nickcleggsfault ssamani

There's a Libdem balloon following my wife around the house - I kid you not...we think it maybe a Weeping Angel, defo it's #nickcleggsfault agit8or

I should also say that there were very many tweets yesteray featuring blisters, sore feet, sunburn (honestly, slip, slap, slop, then wash your hands in case the leaflets get greasy), exhaustion, cheeriness, hope and optimism which really are Nick Clegg's fault.

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