Sunday, December 17, 2006

Touch My Bum

Don't worry, I don't mean literally.........

Poor old Lembit. You couldn't make it up. Old girlfriend talks to Mail on Sunday, new girlfriend talks to the News of the World.

One of the problems of being in public life - you can't do the normal things that happen in life without the world knowing about it. It's sad, but relationships do end. I'm sure the intervention of tabloid newspapers can't make it any easier for anyone, though.

I hope that everyone's favourite asteroid spotter finds happiness in the future.


Unknown said...

Whilst you could have sympathy for press intrusion in to Lembit's life because he is an MP, I wonder what the liklihood is that he would be going out with a "Cheeky Girl" if he wasn't an MP ?

If he was ordinary Joe Public, I doubt she would have looked twice at him. Good luck to him though.

Unknown said...

I'm not so sure that being an MP is an advantage given that the circles she moves in are fairly crowded with reality tv stars and other non entities.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Romanians' coming over here and stealing our eligible Estonians!

Phrase of the day for you to try out in the bar at Harrogate: "Buna Gabriela, sunteti frumoasa, aveti o soara?"

Anonymous said...

I think you do an injustice to Sian. She was his wife, not girlfriend. Lembit is an utter disgrace

Unknown said...

Anonymous, they weren't married and by all accounts didn't live together. Sure, they had a long relationship, but sadly, they do end.


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