Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shame on you, Sir Alan

To choose a mediocre man over a brilliant woman once was bad enough, as Simon Ambrose won over Kristina Grimes last year, but two years in a row smacks of vile misogyny. Claire Young seems to have missed out tonight simply because she speaks her mind. She was by far the best candidate - she has listened, taken and acted upon difficult feedback throughout the 12 weeks and carried Lee through the last task.

It was a travesty of justice that she did not win tonight.

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Jonny Wright said...

I agree with you that Claire was the better candidate - by quite some way - and the four friends I was watching the programme with, both men and women, felt the same way. I do however think it's a little hasty to shout sexism when we're just talking about two instances; it's very hard to see a pattern of bias with such a small number of series.

Sir Alan has his own criteria, he may genuinely have felt Lee was the right candidate - goodness knows he kept Michael on twice, when he totally deserved to be fired both times. At the end of the day, the only criteria for success, throughout the entire programme, has been impressing Sir Alan. Nothing fairer or more objective than that.


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