Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Ethan is here!

How gorgeous is my lovely younger nephew, born at 12:20 am today? Unlike the rest of his siblings, we knew his name and what he looked like before his arrival due to the wonders of technology.

He may have been due last Sunday, but when he decided the time was right, he didn't hang about. I got a text from my sister saying she was off to hospital at 11:18 pm.

Next thing I knew, his photo appeared on Facebook. He is the second of my parents' grandchildren to have been born on a Saturday. The others  have all been born on Mondays or Fridays. And they have all been gorgeous too. And still are.

He is an enormously lucky little boy. Apart from his parents, he has five sisters and a brother to dote on him, two sets of grandparents, two aunties and uncles and 3 cousins to spoil him. And did I mention how cute he is, even though it's blindingly obvious:-).

I've had Anna's baby photos out today. She is unimpressed at the number of dresses I made her wear as a baby. She's only worn one in the last 5 years or so and that was for my sister's wedding last year.

So, welcome to the World, Baby Ethan. Hope you find it as full of love and hope as you find yourself surrounded by today. And well done to my amazing sister, too.

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