Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The First Flush of Love

It's a long time since I've fallen in love, but I do remember the passion, the intensity, the desire to share every detail with my friends. However, unlike Gabriela Imiria, my friends did not include Fiona Phillips and her one million viewers, not to mention anyone who read the full account on the BBC Website.

I wish both her and Lembit well, but do we really need to hear every intimate detail on every media outlet?

I hope this relationship lasts because I don't think I could cope with the break up.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Touch My Bum

Don't worry, I don't mean literally.........

Poor old Lembit. You couldn't make it up. Old girlfriend talks to Mail on Sunday, new girlfriend talks to the News of the World.

One of the problems of being in public life - you can't do the normal things that happen in life without the world knowing about it. It's sad, but relationships do end. I'm sure the intervention of tabloid newspapers can't make it any easier for anyone, though.

I hope that everyone's favourite asteroid spotter finds happiness in the future.

Much Ado About Trident

There has been much controversy about whether we should replace Trident. My instinctive reaction is that we should not. While we can't equip our troops with the basics, I'm not convinced that we should be rushing out to Bombs 'R' Us to spend billions on some smart missile which, we hope, will never be used.

The policy to be debated at Party Conference in March has obviously been carefully thought out. It is based around the recommendation of an influential Parliamentary Select Committee that the decision does not have to be made yet. The debate within the Party over the next 3 months will, I hope, be constructive and thoughtful.

The whole thrust of the policy is to encourage disarmament eventually, with an immediate halving of our nuclear arsenal. There is a part of me that thinks that the UK has spread so much bad karma around the world over the last few years that maybe we should spend some time trying to get disarmament to happen on a global scale.

If we abandon our weapons unilaterally and slink away from the international top table, nobody will really notice or care. However, if we were to use the forthcoming few years to make some progress in some way towards sustainable worldwide disarmament, then the question of buying a new system may not arise. It may well be worth a try.

The Government's unseemly dash for renewal is completely unnecessary and typical of their knee jerk responses to most things. Remember, these are the people who think ID cards will combat terrorism..................

Sad Times

It has been a rather sad few weeks in our house. First there was the untimely demise of the daughter's much loved hamster. It was horrible to see her go through real grief for the first time. I was so impressed by the way she dealt with it - particularly as it was she who lifted his body out of the cage and laid it in a shoebox for burial. I could never have done that at her age and probably not even now. She drew some pictures of him and we had a small burial ceremony in the garden at which she and her best friend lay flowers.

This lesson in the rituals surrounding death unfortunately turned out to be reinforced just a week later when my legend of a great aunt died. I will miss her so much. To an outsider she could have appeared formidable, but I could talk to her about anything. When my husband and I got together amid shock and horror from some parts of the family, she was very supportive. I was so surprised when we went to stay with her a few months after we had started living together and were shown to a double bedroom. I would never have expected her to allow such a thing but she was totally cool about it.

She and I disagreed politically on just about everything. She couldn't have been more Tory but we had some illuminating and enjoyable debates. Her son, my second cousin, is a bit of a leftie and he, in the most perfect eulogy I have ever heard, summed up how they had their differences and arguments, but how the arguments didn't matter because they were about interesting things.

One thing she could never be accused of was holding back her opinions - she told you exactly what she thought, but never with any malice, and usually with a great deal of humour.

She and her husband, who died 8 years ago, were kind, welcoming, wise and humorous. I spent a fair bit of time with them as a small child and loved it, but it wasn't until I grew up that I really got to know and appreciate them.


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