Sunday, January 31, 2010

F1: Rubens Barrichello welcomes Cosworth back to Formula One

Cosworth makes a return to F1 this season providing engines for no less than five teams, USF1, Campos, Lotus, Virgin and Williams. These will be powering the teams round the the likes of the historic circuits of Monaco, Spa and Monza.

Rubens Barrichello, who's moved from Brawn to Williams, recently visited the Cosworth factory with Williams Technical Director Sam Michael.

This video tells us a little bit about Cosworth, gives us a bit of an insight into life behind the scenes, but most importantly, shows what a lovely guy Rubens is. He tells how he's spending time sleeping in his motorhome at the factory making sure he learns everyone's names. I expect that's from the cleaning lady up. He's an incredibly polite team player. It's great that Nico Hulkenberg has someone with Rubens' experience and generosity to help him in his debut year.

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