Thursday, January 21, 2010

From Barbie to Supercars

My husband likes all sorts of strange things. When he buys me bubble bath or smelly stuff it's always fruit flavoured. When he's given free rein over a choice of car, it's always tiny and garish. It's quite amazing that someone who's 27 feet tall - well, not really, but he was walking through a park one day and a little girl on the other side of a hedge yelled out "Look, Mummy, it's a giant - should have a lifetime of buying itsy bitsy teeny little cars. The tinest of all was not one but two of these yellow square boxes.

We then had a little purple rectangular box called a Suzuki Wagon R.

I guess I wasn't really surprised to see the video below on his Facebook page with the comment from him "very girly, I know, but I love it".

I am a real girl, but it's too much, even for me. Tacky or what. I'll let you judge.

If you've fallen in love, here's how to order

If we win the lottery, he can have one, but I want one of these or even this.

1 comment:

Clair said...

you do know there is something very wrong with your husband, right????

I love all things pink and glittery but this is a step too far.

How do you cope? Is it just complete role reversal. Where does your daughter stand on the car issue?


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