Thursday, October 27, 2011

Caron's Corkers - 27 October 2011

I'd had a mini tantrum during PMQs yesterday when a DUP MP complained about the persecution of Christians. Stephen shows how this guy and the facts are far removed from each other.

The Hon Lady Mark wants David Cameron to have more women in his Government.

Libdemchild reports from Occupy Toronto.

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger talks movingly about how the vernacular of welfare reform makes her feel unaccepted and worthless. That can't be right.

Nicola Prigg writes about how you can't just tell obese people to eat less and exercise more - most of us would be delighted if it were just that simple.

G's Spot has another Labour MP behaving badly.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Thanks Caron, I got as angry as soon as I watched the repeat. I was in a funeral when it was live. At least then I also had the today listings of Hansard.


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