Monday, October 03, 2011

More evidence that the Lib Dems are taking the sting out of the Tories....

First of all, the Fail has an apologetic David Cameron saying that he'd dearly love to rip up the Human Rights Act and use it to line his children's guinea pig's cage, or words to that effect, but Nick Clegg just won't let him.

Secondly, the Sun editorial today could easily have been written by Nadine Dorries:

The Prime Minister lets himself be pushed around far too much by Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems.
This week, Mr Cameron has to show Tories he is in charge.
It's no longer good enough to blame the mess he inherited from Labour. He's had 18 months. Excuses are wearing thin.
Some compromise is inevitable in a Coalition. But the PM's surrender to the Lib Dems raises worrying questions of whether the Clegg agenda secretly suits him.
Mr Cameron has shown courage in tackling the deficit. There is progress on education and welfare reform. But elsewhere he has disappointed.
Net immigration? He promised to cut it. But it's up 21 per cent.
Law and order? Justice Secretary Ken Clarke's softness delights Lib Dems.
NHS reform? Blocked by Lib Dems.
Defence spending? Deep cuts. Yet as we sack troops in the middle of wars, we raise overseas aid by 34 per cent.
While this is all very good for us to hear, though, our ministers and our party has to be vigilant. Today Iain Duncan Smith has re-opened the idea of the marriage tax break, a candidate for the most stupid idea in the history of the world if ever there was one. Osborne has confirmed that the Government is giving more power to bad employers by doubling the qualifying period for recourse to an industrial tribunal.  I don't want to see our ministers preside over any reduction in employment rights, especially when Vince said in his Conference speech that he didn't want to see any erosion of such rights - saying that he wouldn't be dictated to by descendants of the "send kids up chimneys" brigade.

We can be reasonably pleased with what we have achieved so far, but Tories never change their spots. There is much more to be done over the next 3 and a half years in stopping them from doing silly, dangerous things.

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