Thursday, February 02, 2012

Irony of the day - the SNP and Greener Scotland

Well, I needed something to make me laugh today.

Do the SNP not get how hypocritical it is to launch the Greener Scotland campaign, telling us all to get out our our cars and on our bikes, at the very same time that they are slashing investment in sustainable transport and failing miserably on their provisions for cyclists? MSP Jim Hume said recently:

“Making low carbon transport initiatives and active travel a priority will reduce emissions in Scotland, helping us to achieve our internationally renowned climate change targets. We should also not underestimate the substantial contribution it can make to communities. Active travel gets people out of cars which can help reduce pollution and improve the nation’s health.
“For far too long, the Scottish Government’s progress on this has been unsatisfactory. Scottish Liberal Democrat research recently showed no clear improvements in the rates of children and adults walking or cycling to work or school in recent years.
“The Scottish Government need to ensure this welcome announcement is followed up with decisive and clear action. Ministers need to get on with delivering the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland and ensure that active travel infrastructure is at the heart of all housing and commercial developments. The SNP have made some grand statements about making progress in this area but with only 1% of journey’s being made by bicycle, the SNP have a lot do to meet their 10% target in 2020.”

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I'm with Caron on this one said...

Yes excellent post Caron. This global warming scam should be stopped. We're all freezing to death while these greenie charlatans are taking the mickey
The worst offender must be Chris Huhne. Climate Secretary with 8 houses to his name lol. And he claimed £46K for taxis in 6 months...

Plus when he does slum it and drive for himself he speeds everywhere ! Allegedly makes his wife take the points for him in case he loses his licence as well lol

He even left his wife for a lesbian and committed adultery. So much for family values and a new politics from the coalition.

His expenses claims saw a bit of scrutiny as well but it was all ironed out. Phew.

So I'm with you Caron. Stop this green hypocrisy immediately. And don't get me started on those useless windmills !


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