Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pigeon Removal Policy

The Tale of the Holyrood Pigeon is just pure class. A pigeon has made its nest on the Holyrood Parliament. Don't worry, though. The situation is clearly under control. Someone has actually gone to the bother of writing a Pigeon Removal Policy for the building. For the tidy sum of £250, someone will come and remove it to a wildlife sanctuary. It's a flying rat, for goodness sake.

Margo MacDonald has offered to wring its neck for nothing. While I would not endorse such violence, I do wonder at our sense of perspective, sometimes.

Award for most bonkers idea of the day goes to Bruce McPhee MSP who was talking about shooting it. I'm not convinced that taking a rifle anywhere near the Parliament building is a wise course of action in these security conscious days.


Stephen Glenn said...

Just as long as they don't hire Dick Dastardly, Mutley and crew.

Dacey said...

Idea of shooting using rifles is totally ridiculous.There are various bird control devices and techniques that give you relief from bird problems and also do not cause any harm to those birds.


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