Sunday, October 22, 2006

Farewell, Schuey

I know the Party has just launched its Green Tax Switch campaign and we're really not in favour of wasteful burning of fuel, so it's not the best time to reveal my guilty secret - my almost lifelong passion for Formula 1.

However, today was a sad day, being the end of Michael Schumacher's 15 year career - particularly sad as I feel very old as I was there at the beginning. From his very first race for Jordan, through his seven world championships, his sometimes inexpicably bad behaviour, I have followed every chicane, every pit stop.

His hope of departing with his 8th world championships effectively ended at Suzuka two weeks ago when his engine blew, but today was typical of his competitiveness, his spirit and his sheer driving talent. Coming from 10th on the grid to suffer a puncture, he ended up at the back of the field to pull himself back to one step shy of the podium.

Whatever he does in the future, I and many other fans wish him well.


Anonymous said...

You are not alone. In my early childhood Jim Clark was a hero...

Then I had a long Lotus 72 poster the length of my bed in 1972...

Having been Chair of the Green Lib Dems, and produced a great deal of the Green Tax Switch artwork I was glued to the GP today. Partly to watch Schuey go (but never a fan), but also to witness Alonso and Renault win (I drive a Renault...) and to see the first Brazilian to win in Brazil since Senna in 1993.

Your secret is safe with me...

Unknown said...

I love the Green Tax Switch artwork. Well done.

I was delighted for both Alonso and Massa today and couldn't really feel too devastated for Schuey cos he really had done it all. I was much more upset when Berger and Alesi left. They should have achieved so much more.


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