Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Valentine's Appreciation

Okay, I won't make this too slushy, I promise, but I do feel that I should publicly express my appreciation for my husband Bob. Even more so given the exotic and delicious chocolates he brought home for me yesterday.

I was a teenager when I met him nearly 20 years ago and he was a divorced man nearly twice my age. He has put up with all sorts over the years, not least playing second fiddle to the Liberal Democrats. All my friends (I was told in no uncertain terms last week that it wasn't, as I'd thought, just my non political friends) feel sorry for him because he spends so much time supporting our family. If he were a woman, he probably wouldn't attract quite so much sympathy, but he does probably deserve it for surviving two decades with me. He once said that one of the things he liked most about being with me was that he didn't know quite what I was going to do next:-)

The best thing about him is that he's a wonderful dad - he's trusted my parenting instincts, he has such a strong relationship with our daughter and she absolutely and utterly adores him.

His support has brought out the best in me and I know that my life would not have been as good without him.

So, thanks for everything...........

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Anonymous said...

It's not slushy at all, it's sweet. It's nice to read positive stuff with so much negativity in the blogosphere and on the news. I wish more blogs would write about the good things in life such as this.


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