Sunday, April 29, 2007

McConnell slams Scottish Towns

Residents of Dunfermline, Cumbernauld, Alloa, Motherwell and Wishaw will no doubt be bemused by Jack McConnell's comments reported in today's Sunday Herald saying that ......"the town centre almost symbolises a lack of civic pride" among other things. He also calls the place he represents, Motherwell, a pigsty.

Which party, I wonder, has been in power in all of those towns for as long as anyone can remember? I only really know Dunfermline out of the ones mentioned, where Labour has completely neglected the town centre for decades. Liberal Democrat Councillors, and now Willie Rennie MP, have put forward constructive suggestions for centre revitalisation for a long time and until recently those calls fell on deaf ears. There remains much to be done to give that proud city the centre it deserves and Labour has proved that it's not up to the task.

No doubt Jack will have plenty spare time in the next few years to take up the cause of revitalising Motherwell to make it more to his taste.

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