Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gordon Bottles It

Who would have thought it? Last weekend I cried real tears at the thought of another month away from home, and at the thought of missing Hallowe'en - after all, Anna is only 8 once.

Today a bit of me feels cheated cos I'd really psyched myself up for this campaign and the adrenalin rush had started. I was still burnt out and knackered, but I knew that some unknown strength would propel me towards polling day and I'd just collapse afterwards. Now I have the chance to do normal things, like go to the cinema, and the gym (which would be better).

Thanks to the efforts of Team Rennie, we were ready for an election in Dunfermline, and other key campaigns across Scotland had performed miracles to be ready for the off. We got there at the crack of dawn this morning and had been putting the finishing touches to our preparations.

It shows us what we can put together in a short space of time. We've had a good idea about the timing of every election in my living memory and the plans have been drawn up and implemented a year ahead of time. I have to pay tribute to all the staff and activists who put in superhuman effort to do a year's work in a few weeks.

Elspeth and I were sitting having lunch in Dunfermline today, just like most Saturdays this year, it seems, sure that we'd not have a day off till polling day. It came us a huge shock when Stephen texted her to tell her to put on the BBC website now. We thought it had been called. Neither of us did much work after that:-) It was good to be able to go to her's, put our feet up and watch Strictly Come Dancing:-)

The Brown Honeymoon is now well and truly over. He's made a fair few mistakes this year. This week has shown up the Honest Gordon stuff for the baloney it always was - now the Labour administration has gone back to business as usual - every day is Spin Day.

Ming was great on BBC News 24 - he's right about fixed term parliaments - not just for my blood pressure but because the speculation is destabilising and detracts attention from the important issues.

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