Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rediscovering Doctor Who

I have loved Doctor Who ever since the first episode I ever watched - the last of Planet of the Spiders, when Jon Pertwee regenerated into Tom Baker. I have attended several conventions where I have met Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, as well as Sophie Aldred (Ace) and Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah-Jane Smith).

My daughter's middle name is Elisabeth, partly in tribute to my favourite Doctor Who companion. Imagine my delight that she is now becoming a huge fan of the programme. We have spent the last few nights watching the last half few episodes of the series and we enjoyed the brilliant finale tonight.

It has been so good to watch the programme through the eyes of a child. I remember how petrified I was of Davros when I first came across him in Genesis of the Daleks. An adult maybe would have seen the obvious unreality of the situation, but my 8 year old self did not. Likewise Anna was terrified of the Vashti Nerada and was in tears at the end of Stolen Earth as she thought she was going to lose her beloved Doctor. She is so disappointed that there are only going to be 4 new episodes next year, but I have convinced her that there are many years of episodes that she hasn't yet seen to catch up on.

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Stephen Glenn said...

I know what you mean Caron. I'm sort of getting the eyes of the child by proxy as my brother every so often will come and ask me on the behest of my elder nephew just what the alien of the week ended up doing as sometime little J didn't want to watch the end of it. He is of course slightly younger than Anna so I'm the reassuring Doctory type for him at times, who having applauded and screamed at the tele and RTD for bringing back part of my youth. Then have to reassure and give back story to a terrified sofa hiding behind person like I was first time said aliens appeared.


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