Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rich Labour Supporter in £1million donation shock

I'm not quite getting why the Labour Party think it's a big deal that J K Rowling has given them a million. This admittedly generous gesture is hardly a surprise as Ms Rowling is a long time Labour supporter and pal of the Browns.

She clearly doesn't meet many struggling low income families these days. In my office I see people who are really struggling with tax credit overpayments which arose through no fault of their own, yet the Government insists that they pay them back. I see people struggling to make ends meet who are just above the threshold for benefits. I see families of 6 who are squeezed into tiny 2 bedroomed flats because there is simply not enough affordable housing to go round.

I am very glad that Joanne Rowling found a publisher to take on the Harry Potter stories, which have brought great enjoyment to millions around the world and financial security for her and her family for generations to come. If she were still in the situation where she had to write in Edinburgh cafes to keep warm, I wonder if she would still feel the same about the success of the Labour Government.

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