Saturday, September 14, 2013

The #talknottech campaign is go! F17 must be referred back or defeated #ldconf

This will be quick - I need to catch a train in 20 minutes and I'm still at kitchen table with towel round my head.

Remember how I told you about how Federal Conference Committee had bizarrely rejected a very sensible amendment which would have given us a great debate on internet porn?

Well, FCC rejected the appeal on that amendment too. So the #talknottech campaign needs to move up a gear. We want decent sex and relationship education to be a the heart and soul of any policy on this. Filters will not solve and may actually harm by blocking sites that give information on, say, LGBT issues and sexual health. Even if they are part of the solution, they mustn't drive our action. We can't build policy round technology and then think we've fixed the problem. And that is what F17, motion and amendment, does.

If you agree, LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, Alisdair McGregor and lots of lovely people are hatching plans on Twitter and behind the scenes to spread the word round conference.

Please join in - and spread the word.

We'll use the tech to help spread the word, but most people won't be online at Conference, so we have to talk to every single voting rep.

Let's get to it.

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