Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Authors for Philippines - one-off lterary prizes on auction to raise funds for Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan appeal

In March 2011, author Keris Stainton set up Authors for Japan which raised money for the victims of the earthquake in Japan. It raised a spectacular £10,962.25.

She's now done the same to raise money for the Red Cross's Typhoon Haiyan appeal. It went live at 8am this morning and there are already 50 lots from many authors. What's special about these is it's items of real value up for grabs - for example, the chance to have an author or editor critique your work. There's a character called Anna in Kate Maryon's A Sea of Stars which I bought in the last one. I was expecting it to be some random character we met for a fleeting second, but she got to have a proper role and Anna absolutely loved it. What was particularly good was the way that Kate put so much effort into sending us the signed books that were part of the deal and how she's since kept up with both Anna and I on Twitter and Facebook.

Anyway, I have my eye on a freelance feature writing course by Ellie Levenson. Some of you might remember the article she wrote for Liberal Democrat Voice last week on her Democracy for Toddlers project.

This is a chance to raise money for an excellent cause and get yourself some real, one-off treasures in the process.

So, what are you waiting for - go and buy some really unique Christmas presents for yourself or loved ones.

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