Friday, May 18, 2007

Mayor banned from breastfeeding her baby

I was quite speechless after reading this article outlining the appalling treatment of the Mayor of Trafford.

Imagine writing to an elected official telling them they shouldn't wear the mayoral chain when looking after their child - like who would? And that their child shouldn't travel in the official car.

No wonder there are so few women in politics.


Simon said...

Glad coment moderation is enabled- this means you can correct the post and reject this comment before any one else reads it!

She is/was the Mayor of Trafford, not Stafford.

Simon said...

Oops you said Salford not Stafford!

Which given Salford is right next door to Trafford isn't bad really!

Caron said...

Thank you for pointing out my mistake. The case was heard in Salford County Court.

I have edited the comment but also included your comments so that the world knows you put me right.

Are you the Simon I think you might be?


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