Friday, May 18, 2007

Parliamentary Disgrace

I am extremely proud that my party has stood firm against David MacLean's Bill on Freedom of Information. Unfortunately, even their expert applications of Parliamentary procedure (David Heath mentioning buckets left in corridors as a health and safety hazard made me laugh out loud) were not enough to win the day today.

It looks like this reactionary measure might become law as Labour and the Tories have made a bit of an unholy alliance in its support. I can only hope for a big enough public outcry to make them think better of their support for this ill considered measure.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

I totally agree.

It might be worth urging people to check how their own MSP voted on the issue and, if they voted for it, to either give them a hard time over it or ask for a well-reasoned argument as to why politicians should get away with hiding information that should quite rightly be in the public eye.

Right, Mark Lazarowicz, time to see which way you marked your x... Good thing Westminster voting is transparent and open at least!


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