Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to lots of people

I was quite amazed this morning on logging into Facebook to find that so many of my friends have birthdays today. Some I knew about, others, like Charlotte, I didn't. I'm sure that they will all be delighted to know that they share their birthday with Ant from Ant and Dec.

This week has been quite busy for birthdays, too. I was trying to work out why this might be but my friend Jane got there first - we're more or less nine months from Valentine's Day!

As a breastfeeding helper, I always found that my busiest times were April (right in the middle of election campaigns which made sure I had even less time for things like eating and sleeping) and September/October which are 9 months after the Summer holidays and Christmas respectively. I'd not really noticed a peak in mid November before. It's interesting that almost all my friends who have birthdays this week seem to have been born in a 7 year period between 1973 and 1980.

Anyway, I hope that anyone who has a birthday this week has a wonderful day and a bright and happy year ahead.


Kayels said...

haha I have just noticed the same thing - 6 birthdays spread over the next 2 days. Although only 2 of those are in that same 7 year period, the rest are late 80s for me...

Mr Eugenides said...

OK... what is a "breastfeeding helper" and, more importantly, how can I become one?

oneexwidow said...

Oh, thank you! :-) #randomcommenttwoandahalfyearslater


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