Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jo Swinson Dropped from Question Time - Update

Since I wrote this post yesterday, a steady flow of people have let me know either via Twitter or Facebook or the group on the new Lib Dem social network Act that they have complained to the BBC about Jo being dropped from tonight's panel and there being no Liberal Democrat on for two weeks out of four. Hell, some people have even done the old fashioned thing and told me via using their own voices, face to face, or on the phone that they've done it! It's obviously an issue that's touching a nerve and not just amongst Liberal Democrats.

No doubt in the fullness of time, we'll get an anodyne standard response from the BBC, but John Abrams from Stockport advised on the ACT group that it's worth taking it further:

"If you are not happy with your response then rign up the duty manager and ask for complplaints which is what I did when I didn't get a reply to their factual error of saying that the Lib Dems shared power on Newcastle and Sheffield councils on Westminster Hour. They did an on air apology."

He went on to add that we should ask for more Liberal Democrat commentators on the programme:

"The other issue is why don't they put up a Lib Dem aligned intellectual? People like Charlotte Gore/Mark Littlewood or from the other wing James Graham would be excellent and it should be ADDITIONAL to a Lib Dem MP

Actually, I'd pay good money to see Charlotte and James debate the issues of the day for an hour on live tv! It would be quality stuff.

There's a fair proportion of those who have complained to the BBC who have never done anything like that before.

If anyone felt moved to comment during the programme tonight, here is the Question Time website and here is their Twitter feed.

And I know I'm going on about this ACT group, but I was amazed to find a thingy on it today which connected to anything anybody was saying on Twitter about Jo and Question Time. I certainly never put it there, because I'm not technically competent enough, but thanks to the person who did.


Nick said...

You can also comment on the 'suggest a panellist' part of the QT website:

Anonymous said...

Melanie Phillips? Melanie sodding Phillips? What's she going to bring to QT that Jo can't, other than her usual neo-con bile? Utterly reprehensible.

Come on Marcus B., it's all down to you to hold up our side...

Millennium Dome said...

What Questionable Time needs is...

...a stuffed elephant.

Look, I'm just saying, is all!

Caron said...

Thanks, Nick and Burkesworks, and I am very honoured that the wisest elephant in the history of time has deigned to pay my little blog a visit.

Andrew BOD said...


I agree. Melanie Phillips was dreadful. Representative of very few people, she tried to lecture the audience on their behaviour toward the Iraq Inquiry!

Jo Swinson would have been much better. Although I must say Nicola Sturgeon was impressive. And amazingly, there was near consensus on minimum pricing being a good thing. I hope our MSPs were watching.


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