Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Scotties are here - Scotblogs Awards 2010

First I should say that they aren't really called the Scotties. That's just me being me. It is kind of appropriate though. If you think it's a bit vomit inducing, think of it as a tribute to a certain Enterprise based engineer.

Those nice people at Scottish Round Up have introduced the Scotblogs Awards to honour the best of the Scottish Blogosphere. The Awards take place in two stages. First, they're looking for nominations e-mailed to by 13th January at 6pm. They also want to have suggestions for categories by the same deadline.

Then there will be a second phase where people can vote for the nominees on the shortlist which will run from 14-27 January at 6pm. What's interesting is that alongside the reader votes, there will be a Strictly Come Dancing style scoring system with the final score incorporating scores from an esteemed panel of judges.

So, there you have it. I could pretend modesty, but I'd really like it if you'd nominate me and even better if you'd vote for me when the shortlists come out. I shall be nominating lots of people too. What's important is that this is a chance to showcase the Scottish blogging. There are lots of excellent blogs out there covering a huge range of subjects. I want to learn about lots of blogs that I never knew about over the next few weeks. Thanks to the talented Mr Stephen and his colleagues at Scottish Roundup (I actually typed Scottish Roundabout and for a moment was tempted to leave it, seeing as I'm doing this week's on Sunday.)

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