Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can you help get @andyreeves back on Twitter?

Now, I love Andrew Reeves as much as the next person, but unlike Lisa and Jennie I am way too selfish to do anything to help him in the middle of the Strictly Come Dancing Final.

Let me explain.

Until this afternoon, Andrew had been a stalwart of my Twitter timeline every day of the 27 months I've been on the micro-blogging site. When I try to access his page at the moment, all I see is a massive Twitter Fail Whale and a message saying that his account has been suspended. He has no idea why this has happened. He just hasn't been able to access Twitter since about 2 this afternoon and his attempts to resolve this with Twitter have been fruitless.

I can't see how Andrew's suspension can have had anything to do with his blogging about a gaffe made by the ITV News Twitter account which has since been deleted, although an apology was made for a rogue tweet made from that account. All he did was report an event in the public domain, which he was well within his rights to do.

I'm sure in the circumstances that he won't mind if I repeat his blog post in full:

Oh dear, whoops a daisy, crap etc etc

Earlier this morning the ITV News twitter account sent out the following tweet;

Nigella Lawson is nowhere near as attractive as she thinks she is
I do feel for the person responsible for tweeting this, but it shows when you have a personal account and you operate a business account, check which you are logged into before you tweet.

One of my followers pointed out that Nigella is the same age as Gillian McKeith which means whoever tweeted this from ITV News is wrong anyway!

The offending tweet has been removed but as you can see above it was real.

That was it. Nothing particularly earth shattering. Just a report of one of those there but for the grace of God go I moments. 

Back to me, now. Gillian was born in 1959, and Nigella was born on 6 January 1960, so there's not that much in age between them. I'm with the general consensus that Nigella is the more attractive of the two by a long way and in every way. I'm sure my friend James Shaddock, whose Facebook feed is often full of extremely complementary remarks when Nigella is on the tv, would agree.

Andrew Reeves is one of the loveliest people on Twitter and the Lib Dem blogosphere. Please e-mail to ask them to reinstate him as soon as possible. And if you have your own blog, or Twitter or Facebook account, please spread the word far and wide asking people to do the same. 

Now, back to the Strictly Final. It's not the same without him - I've nobody to argue with about Gavin Henson's general uselessness.

UPDATE: the man himself is still suspended, but is very grateful for all the help he's had. He's now come to the conclusion that it's something to do with him tweeting all the people who had re-tweeted his original tweet about ITV News' gaffe with a link to his blog post with more info. He was basically sending stuff to people who'd already expressed an interest in the subject, not spreading indiscriminate spam to random people. I am missing him terribly and think that Twitter are being very harsh with him and should let him back.

Here's what The Twitter One has had to say today.


Jeff said...

Andy clearly loves a good screengrab so here's a link to what got him into trouble (your post wasn't very clear on that score Caron)

Looks like he was being a bit of an impetuous dolt; would be harsh if he lost his Twitter account over it though.

I reckon there's more important things to be campaigning for though...

subrosa said...

Ah, as Jeff's post highlights seems Andrew went a wee bit OTT. I'll still send an email though.

Was sad Pamela was dumped, but I suppose expected. Can't have dancing grannies cluttering up the BBC web pages.

Unknown said...

Jeff, there's never anything more important than standing by a friend in trouble:-).

Seriously, though, all he did was reply with a link to his blog post to all the people who had already retweeted his original post about the ITV News gaffe. It wasn't like he was spamming random people - he was giving more info to people who had already expressed an interest in what he had to say on the subject.

Twitter are being a bit harsh.

Thanks for your help, Subrosa.


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