Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The MacBlogosphere on Wikio - December 2010

And Another Thing - Tom Harris goes up to 12 in the month he gives up blogging

Alex Massie goes up to 37

The Cute Greek Baby slides gracefully downwards to 52 now he has also stopped blogging. It's been a sad month, having to say goodbye to two giants of the Scottish blogosphere.

Subrosa falls to 55

I fall to 56 - better write some decent stuff this month

Underdogs Bite Upwards uniquely seems to be in twice,  falling to 75 and rising to 81. A mistake somewhere, I think

Andrew Reeves rises to 85

Better Nation rises to 90

Lallands Peat Worrier falls to 93

Stephen's Liberal Journal, with the parking brake on, falls to 94

We are saying at least au revoir to some Scottish blogging giants at the moment, with Tom, Mr E and Stephen all hanging up their keyboards, at least temporarily. There are plenty new Scottish political blogs - for exampleI mean you Set in Darkness, you Midlothian Liberal and you, Burdzeyeview, you Bellegrove Belle, you Paul Edie, you James Taylor, you Joan McAlpine, you Love and Garbage and you Indygal who don't yet appear on Wikio. If you haven't registered with them, please do so here.

Other things of note - New Humanist Blog has gone way up, to 19

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