Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Fab Coincidence of Tweets

This is why I totally love Twitter.

There I was tonight, with emotions completely minced after watching the turmoil and trauma of the Coronation Street live 50th anniversary episode. In my mentions column, I saw this from Fabienne, who tweets as @gift_of_the_fab.
Seemingly connected, but not connected tweets.. @: Followed by by @
You can't but wonder what that was about.

Well, the first tweet was from Labour activist and serial tweeter Sally Bercow:
*whispers* Now off to @'s Christmas Party .
And the second was this from me:
Can't believe they let Sally go in there without a hard hat. What happened to health and safety law? Has it been suspended for the night?
I was, of course, referring to Sally Webster's mercy dash to sit with the dying Molly Dobbs in Corrie which, by the way, has to be be the best TV death ever, portrayed brilliantly.
Thank you, Fabienne, for making me laugh so much at the end of a day which has been, shall we say, emotionally taxing for all sorts of reasons not entirely unrelated to tuition fees.

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meemalee said...

That's brilliant!


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