Friday, August 03, 2012

Michael Moore back on Facebook and Twitter

Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore has done loads of good, cool stuff over the last couple of years. It took some skill to balance the demands of the Nationalists with the reactionary forces from the Tories and Labour and push ahead with the Scotland Act. Even as recently as last Christmas, the whole venture, giving Scotland the biggest devolution of power since the Act of Union in 1707, was said to be dead in the water. Mike kept going with it and ensured the Act passed both Holyrood and Westminster. A good job well done.

He also completely wrong footed Alex Salmond over the Independence Referendum  and got some proper dialogue underway.

With all that going on, it's hardly surprising he's not found the time to do much in the way of social media. It was good to see him back on Twitter for the first time in something like 745 days. His Twitter feed is pretty human and interesting. I remember when he did a 4 day sponsored walk for the Special Care Baby Unit where his daughter was cared for a few years back and tweeted all the way through it. He also has a new Facebook page to keep people up to date with his work. You can, of course, also read his weekly column on Liberal Democrat Voice. 

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