Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dancing Queen, carnations and Nick Clegg - a snippet of the Equal Marriage vigil

I had half wanted to come down to London with Anna yesterday to be outside the House of Lords when the Same Sex Marriage Bill cleared its final hurdle there.We decided against it as we've been away so much recently, so it's lovely to have this wee snapshot of the event.

Nick paid tribute to Lynne Featherstone, Ed Fordham and Liz Barker and all the others who have helped make the Bill a reality. We as a party owe him a huge thank you for his vocal and steadfast support, the first party leader to unequivocally support equal marriage.

There is a much longer Liberal Democrat Roll of Honour on this issue, of people who have been working away behind the scenes for years - people like Dave Page, Holly Matthies and the rest of LGBT + Lib Dems. Liberal Youth Scotland who made this Scottish policy.

It's great to see equal marriage pass in England. Scotland, with an even better bill, shouldn't be far behind.

Anyway, enjoy the merriment from last night.

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