Saturday, July 20, 2013

Liberal Democrat Councillor's tweeting dog Bailey makes headlines.

Many people reading this will be aware that Brentwood Cllr Karen Chilvers offered a home earlier this year to Bailey, a dog destined to be put down. She nursed him back to health and he's now part of her family. Those of us who are friends with Karen on Facebook were treated to Bailey's daily thoughts on life, the universe and everything during his recovery. The Daily Bailey was often humorous and engaging.
Recently, Karen's set up a Twitter account in Bailey's name so that people on there can follow the cute one's progress. @DailyBailey_Dog's profile reads:

Nothing but a pound dog, rescued from death row,
Supposed to stay for Easter, I knew I'd never go!
Many doggies don't survive
I'm lucky -in my home I thrive

It's even attracted the attention of the BBC.
I am a bit of a mad dog woman," said Ms Chilvers, who is also on the authority's licensing committee. "But being a politician a lot of people think we're all middle aged men in suits.I want to show we can be quite normal and have dogs.
Bailey even helped Karen campaign during May's elections, as I noted in my Letter to the Leader at Easter.
But the most heartwarming sty is that of little Bailey. He's a wee shih-tsu who's just been fostered by Brentwood Councillor Karen Chilvers. He told Facebook:
"Well, as Caron Lindsay knows, I have been out delivering leaflets with my Fosty Mum. It was cold but I enjoyed telling people about being liberal because I got a chance because of nice fair-minded people. I do think it would be nice if someone had offered us a cup of tea along the way though!"He wants us all to be aware that his foster brother Louis has been out on a ward walk with his Mum. And it was snowing!
Bailey's adventures are clearly captivating his 330 or so followers - and if that means that more people in Brentwood feel able to approach Karen, then so much the better. And what I think is particularly good is that he hasn't let fame go to his head, and spares a thought for where he came from:

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