Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Commiserations to Chris Huhne

We all know how it feels to lose an election, particularly by a very small margin. I was very impressed with the graceful way in which Chris Huhne congratulated Nick Clegg this afternoon. It must have been a very difficult speech for him to make and he did so with customary skill and authority.

He ran a strong campaign and I am sure he will be given the chance to continue his excellent economic and environmental policy work.


Anonymous said...

He made the speech he had to in order to try to get back into Nick's good graces. After the "Calamity Clegg" dossier, Nick could be forgiven if he was wary of Chris. I predict that Nick will be a gentleman about it. But some of us won't forget those sharp elbows (and words) used against a colleague.

Anonymous said...

Clegg is hardly in a position to do anything other then 'a gentlemen'. The party is split in two, Huhne has more respect, Clegg will have to lump it.

I only hope my instinct that he will be a complete failure as leader is proven wrong.


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