Saturday, December 08, 2007

Snow Poem

As it's approaching Christmas, I thought I'd share with you a sweet poem written by my daughter Anna and her school friend Caitlin (both 8):

Snow Poem

You can......
Slide down the slippery slope
Sink in the soggy sllush
Smile at the splendid scene
Ski on the soft snow.

You can.......
See the splendid sight
Sing a song on the hills
Shake off the silver snow
Sigh at the silent mountains
and feel your senses tingle in the snow.

The fact that I like this shows how a mother's love is completely unconditional - I hate snow almost to the point of phobia, yet reading this made my heart sing:-)


Amy said...

But 'sigh at the the silent mountains' is actually incredibly, beautifully poetic! Wow!

Unknown said...

That's the exact line that made me cry. I thought it was beautiful too and it's nice to have some unbiased agreement with that.


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