Tuesday, June 17, 2008

E-Mail Nightmare

I've had a bit of a catastrophic e-mail failure. For some reason the e-mail server I have been using is allowing me to send, but not receive, messages. Therefore I've had to spend hours on end configuring all my settings on all the websites that are important to me, including this one, to a new e-mail address. There should be one single product that allows you to do all this at the touch of a button - maybe there is and I'm too stupid to have discovered it.

I am quite proud of myself for seemingly managing to configure Outlook to my new address.

It just shows how reliant I, and no doubt you too, have become on the Internet....... It's fine until it goes wrong and then it affects every area of your life, from your bank account to Facebook, to Amazon, Tesco and the people you've got your holiday booked with. Hell, we might have won the lottery last week and I wouldn't have known.

No doubt, I'm going to keep remembering things over the next few weeks which will need changing. Let's hope I don't forget anything important................

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