Saturday, June 21, 2008

Henley - looking good for the Lib Dems

No, I haven't been to Henley - a bit too far away when your daughter doesn't let you stay away overnight yet, but the feedback I've had from people who have has been very positive. Even grumpy people who never believe we are going to do well have been astounded by the warmth of the reception we have had. Apparently the Henley people are exceptionally friendly and polite.

The Tories seem to spend more time whinging about our literature and threatening to issue writs than actually promoting their candidate. What does that tell you?

Seems like they know that things aren't going quite as they liked. The people of Bromley saw through David Cameron 2 years ago when we came within a hair's breadth of winning there. It looks like the people of Henley are similarly unconvinced by him.

It could be an interesting result on Thursday. If my uber-pessimist friend thinks that we are all going to want to say we were there, then there's a chance we could do it.


Anonymous said...

And it's not looking good for the Conservative clerical team:

Craig said...

Lib Dems winning Henley is about as realistic as the prediction in this post:

The mood was optimistic. Everybody is aware that we can be the largest party in May next year and is committed to playing their part to make that happen.

Unknown said...

Thank you for that very neutral comment:-)

Stephen Glenn said...

Yikes STB I remember a certain man who has since moved next door saying something similar in the constituency in which he has his local to constituency house in early 2006.

Now what happened then?

Craig said...


Who has moved next door?

Stephen Glenn said...

Gordon Brown.

Sorry not moved next door to me.


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