Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Plug 2 - The Cake Guru

Regular readers of this blog and others around the Scottish Blogosphere will be familiar with often very wise and relevant comments made by someone called PJ. For a long time I wondered who on earth this person was and then got chatting to her on Twitter.

I've yet to meet her in real life, as my current state of health keeps me pretty much tied to the house, but she has been to a couple of the Bloggers' meets and I think it's safe to say everyone thinks she's fabulous.

After she produced guest posts of this sort of quality on other blogs, some of us were trying to persuade her to start her own.

So far she's resisted, but this may be a good thing, because she's clearly found something a lot better to do with her time. Yesterday saw the launch of her new website, The Cake Guru which showcases the beautiful cakes she bakes and decorates for people.

My personal favourites are pictured here but there's one Mermaid cake which I can't manage to get on here for some reason but it's on the Cakes page of the website.

I'm frantically trying to invent a reason why I need one of these cakes. Her site is now firmly added to my favourites because you can't look at those beautiful cakes and feel miserable.


PJ said...

You are so lovely to write this Caron, and I'm very grateful for your support and enthusiasm! I hope we'll meet soon as we keep seeming to find more and more in common through our daughters. Meanwhile, I'll continue to learn endless fascinating facts about politics, Strictly, F1, life and the universe from your tweets and blogposts :o)

Stuart Winton said...

Some cracking cakes there; I think my faves are the jungle and the bluebird family - it would be a shame to eat them!!


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