Friday, February 12, 2010

Holiday Weekend

The sky is blue, the sun is shining (which means it's baltic, but who cares) and Anna's off school. I am really looking forward to having some fun with her - although unfortunately I feel like hell. It's not been a good week healthwise for me and has been the busiest for a while.

Last Friday I helped out at Anna's school's Valentine's Disco. That's enough to completely exhaust the fit and healthy, but it was fun to see the kids enjoying themselves. On Saturday my lovely friend Elspeth came to see me for coffee and chocolate. Sunday saw us heading to Paisley as it was one of 3 places within driving distance that was still showing Twilight New Moon. Well worth seeing if you haven't already, by the way.

In amongst all this, I've felt utterly horrid - still better than a few months ago, but still yuck. Last night, my throat was really sore and my nose really blocked and today I have a cold. I am not chuffed.

Today, when herself gets out of bed, we are off down town for some girly shopping. I have to pick up my new glasses. Remember the saga of the sorely eye? Well, it meant that I had to have a proper eye test for the first time in a while. My distance vision is fine, but I have to have reading glasses. A down side of the 40s, so I'm told.

Anna came with me to choose my glasses, thankfully, as she has taste and an idea for what suits and I am completely useless in that department.

The other thing we're planning on getting today is a mobile phone sorted out for her. It's not something I've encouraged and in fact she'd never expressed a wish for one until recently. I am slightly cursing her teacher for setting the class a writing assignment arguing that "All Children should have Mobile Phones". They weren't allowed to take the opposite view. It was the same when she had to write on the evils of plastic bags - they all had to oppose. Anyway, having wrestled long and hard with the mobile phone issue, the safety thing won me over in the end. She's never really far enough away from us to need one, but there may be a time when she needs to contact us. We're just going to get a new SIM for an old one of mine. I expect she'll be a bit more like her Daddy than me, though. To me the phone is a vital recreational tool, keeping me in touch with my friends. Bob, on the other hand, hates them and only uses them when he has to. The only people he actually has proper phone conversations with are me and my sister when she forces him.

My lovely sister is coming down on Sunday so we'll spend Monday and Tuesday with her. I can't wait - I haven't seen her since the October holidays.

I'm hoping to have the time and energy to blog a bit too. My head is full of things to write about and will explode if I don't get the ideas out soon. We can't have that - the house is untidy enough as it is........

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