Sunday, April 03, 2011

Amnesty urges action on Eman Al-Obaidi

I wrote the other day about the plight of Eman Al-Obaidi, the woman bundled off by Libyan Government thugs after alleging she'd been gang raped by 15 of Gadaffi's militia. She hasn't been seen in over a week and has been dismissed by the Libyan Government as a mentally ill, alcoholic prostitute. Remember this is the same regime that said that the protesters in Benghazi were a few drug addicts.

Amnesty International is asking that people write to the Libyan Government asking for Eman to be released and for there to be an independent investigation into the allegations she made and for anyone participating in rape and torture to be brought to justice.

Yes, I know that Gadaffi is hardly likely to change his behaviour in response to e-mails from the likes of us, but it can't do any harm, might give some indication of the strength of international feeling and might help in some way. In the spirit of not allowing evil to flourish by standing by and doing nothing, I've sent my letter off. Will you do the same?

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