Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baldy, Brown and Balls

I don't usually have a lot of good things to say about Gordon Brown, but today I am giong to praise him to the hilt for the support he has given to Adrian Sudbury's campaign to raise awareness of the bone marrow register. Adrian is a 26 year old journalist who is currently in the final stages of two different types of Leukaemia. He has been campaigning to raise awareness of the Bone Marrow Register and all he asked was that secondary school children should be given one short promotional lesson about joining the register. Obviously a wider pool of donors means that more lives can be saved. It's not rocket science.

Anyway, Gordon Brown phoned Adrian today to tell him that he had personally written to a list of celebs chosen by Adrian and the Anthony Nolan Trust to ask them to think about promoting bone marrow donation.

That call clearly meant so much to Adrian as you can see from his latest blog posting. He has kept a blog throughout his illess, entitled Baldy's Blog, which is extremely well written combining humour and increasing poignancy as the illness takes hold.

Please can everybody reading this take a few minutes of their time to read Adrian's blog and think about whether they could join the Bone Marrow Register.

And now for the Balls bit. Adrian said that after speaking to Brown, he was able to speak to Ed Balls. Funnily enough, Tavish Scott said at tonight's hustings in Dunfermline that he had seen the said Mr Balls at the station as he travelled through on the train. Unfortunately he got South and North Queensferry mixed up, but never mind.

Today will have been a hard day for Gordon Brown, having lost a good friend, John MacDougall, to the wicked and cruel disease of Mesothelioma. I respect him for, in his grief, being able to reach out to someone else and really make one of his last days.

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