Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gloves off in Glenrothes

Seems like Labour and the SNP are already slugging it out in Glenrothes. The SNP's selection of Peter Grant has seen Labour have a go about Council budget cuts. Funnily enough, they don't mention years of Labour neglect at every level of Government which affected Glenrothes and other parts of Fife - but I suspect the voters will have longer memories.

The SNP are irrelevant at Westminster - what is the point of sending one of their second team down there to do nothing but moan about the union?

The Nats have shown this week that they can't be trusted to stand up for personal freedoms in their decision to pander to the Catholic church on HPV vaccination.

While Labour and the Nats take chunks out of each other, Glenrothes really needs someone to fight for the area. The Kingdom of Fife already has 5 very effective Liberal Democrat Parliamentarians in Elspeth Attwooll, Ming Campbell, Iain Smith, Jim Tolson and Willie Rennie - let's make it 6 in Glenrothes.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Caron but the only thing the Lib Dems stand for is election.

They are an irrelevance in Glenrothes and the SNP are the only party who can defeat Labour. They have a good, experienced, local candidate and I believe they will do very well indeed.

Unknown said...

Thing about the Nats is that they often fail to win - they should have won Livingston and didn't, they were nowhere in Dunfermline. Fife has a strong Liberal tradition so let's wait and see what happens.......

Richard Thomson said...

You're right - we should have won Livingston. And we would have, if it hadn't been for the Cathcart by-election taking place on the same day. However, since the SNP won Livingston last May, it's clear that our earlier efforts weren't in vain!

As for Dunfermline, it just goes to show what you can achieve if Cowley Street bungs you £100,000 to fight a campaign. Will we ever see the like again? :-)

Unknown said...

We had nowhere near £100,000 when Jim Tolson won Dunfermline West last May:-)

The Dunfermline by-election was truly amazing - for so many different reasons. It brought the party together at a time when there were all sorts of awful things going on. I think it will always be one of my favourite campaigns. Not least cos I made some really good friends out of it.


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