Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mamma Mia

I went to see Mamma Mia as a birthday treat from my friend Siobhan. If you are in need of something to make you smile this Summer, go and see this film. You come out feeling like you've been bathed in Greek sunshine. Whether it's the beauty of the island location, the outrageous moments of high camp, the nostalgia that Abba songs awaken, or you just want to gaze at Colin Firth, you'll love it.

I have to be honest and say that my expectations for the soundtrack, and particularly Pierce Brosnan's contribution to it, were not that high. It was actually surprisingly good - and Brosnan wasn't so bad. Anyway, since we're being shallow, his looks more than compensated for his vocals.

For me, the highlight was Meryl Streep. She is such a versatile actress. You could not have two more different films than Sophie's Choice and Mamma Mia but she pulled off both and lots in between. She looks beautiful, her performance is energetic and believeable and she looked like she was really enjoying herself. Julie Walters was also great as her friend. It's good to see a major film with older women as the main stars for a change.

Profound this film certainly isn't, although I did cry at one point, just as I had at the stage show. There's one song which I'd never heard before I saw the stage show, called Slippng Through My Fingers. It was written by one of the Abba boys when his daughter was 7 years old and is all about how childhood is so special, goes so quickly and you should savour every moment. Certainly rings true for me.

Go and see this film for a totally feelgood experience - you know you want to, really.........

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