Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Good Day for women Lib Dem Bloggers!

So, the moment we narcissistic Lib Dem bloggers have been waiting for has arrived - the Total Politics Top 75 Lib Dem Blogs list has been published.

Many congratulations to Charlotte Gore who may or may not have witchery in her DNA and, rumour has it, a singing style that makes her like a female Liam Gallagher. Charlotte and I might well be at opposite ends of the Liberal Democrat spectrum, but I appreciate her sharp originality. I may not always agree with what she writes, but I like her style and it's great to see her top the poll.

Honourable mentions also to the fabulous Lib Dem Voice, Costigan and Mark and Nich for making up the rest of the top five.

I was completely stunned to go up from 44 last year to 7 this year, so I really appreciate all your votes. Thank you very much. Given that was my position in the Scottish list, it's clearly my lucky number this year. I must make sure it's on my next lottery ticket!

In some ways the actual order of this list doesn't matter - in itself it's a showcase of some absolutely brilliant Lib Dem blogs and the fact that there are 75 included as against 50 last year shows that we are growing in strength all the time. I'm really impressed with both the quality and number of our women bloggers too. We have 3 in the top 10, 5 in the top 20, 7 in the top 30. We have women out there writing excellent, thought provoking blogs. There's Jennie, and Sara, and Lynne, and Katy and Jo and Linda and Paula and Mary as well as Ms Gore, Alix and I. We also have to remember that some brilliant women, like Helen Duffett, who are part of collaborative blogs like Lib Dem Voice.

In contrast, I can only find 4 women in the Tory Top 100 at first glance - hardly a surprise and shows that whatever they say about diversity, the reality shows that their commitment to equality is skin deep.

Writing this, I realise that I haven't done my votes yet for the Lib Dem Voice Blog of the Year awards. We have until 4th September to post our entry for each category - so don't miss out on the chance to have your say.


Norman said...

Congratulations on your achievement, especially because it meant blogging through your current illness. It just shows once again that you're great in bed.

Costigan Quist said...

Congratulations on your elevated position - great stuff.

Jennie Rigg said...

Well done for beating me ;)

subrosa said...

Well done Caron and well deserved.

Unknown said...

Norman, trust you to lower the tone!

Costigan and Subrosa, many thanks.

Jennie - that, if anything, proves that there is no justice in this world.

Mark Thompson said...

Well done Caron. All the 7s!

Very well deserved.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great you hit the top ten Lib Dem blogs :) Many congrats!


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