Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Very Sweary Conference

I had to laugh last night when, at 6pm, BBC Parliament introduced the recorded coverage of the day's proceedings at Party Conference at Bournemouth with a warning about offensive language.

In fact, there were 3 incidents of swearing that I heard - and two from Parliamentarians at that. In the debate on the MP Expenses scandal Paul Burstow's proposing speech contained the word that rhymed with twit not once but twice.

Later on, in a characteristically passionate speech, MEP Chris Davies talked about how privileged and honoured he felt to be a public servant and how he'd do the job for half the money. He spoke of his anger of those few "cheating bastards" who had besmirched the reputation of politicians. He told of how most people he knew, in all parties, came into politics for the right reasons, to make people's lives better. I remember spending a lot of time in Littleborough and Saddleworth during the by-election he won in 1995 and I'm glad that he's kept the energy and passion he showed us then.

Finally, there was a comment that I don't think was ever meant to see the light of day when Alan Sherwell took the chair for his debate. He made an offhand comment to his aide which included the word that rhymes with hissing.

An amusing aside to a busy and vibrant conference!


Unknown said...

Oh you LibDems, you like to live on the edge. lol.

Robert Brown said...

I am not sure I like it really. It is very funny, but also a little immature. Better more descriptive words exsist and it just appears a little like Cameron's attempt to appear more 'real' or more popular by using his twitter comment.


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