Sunday, September 13, 2009

Those nice Brits on Pole people let me write for them....

I was very surprised and honoured to get an invitation from the lovely people at Brits on Pole not only to write an article for them about Brawn GP but to contribute regularly to their site. Lisa and Andy, who run the site know everything there is to know not just about F1 but about every single open wheel racing series in the world, including some I'd never heard of. They are serious petrolheads and if you are too, go and have a look at some of the stuff they've produced.

They also do a very good weekly newsletter, which you can sign up for. I look forward to it appearing some time on a Saturday now.

Anyway, I sent them an article yesterday morning and I expect it'll be the last time they ever let me write for them because they had horrendous website problems after that, to the extent that they've had to set up a back up site. Here's hoping that the original holds up. They've put my article here but if that doesn't work, the back up is here.

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