Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy Third Birthday to Caron's Musings

I knew when I posted earlier about Granny that I'd done one of the first posts on here about her. What I'd forgotten was that it was in fact the second post, and it was written exactly 3 years ago today.

A good day, then to notice Jonathan's posting which shows that it has finally scrambled into the Wikio Top Ten Lib Dem blogs. It won't last, but I'm going to enjoy it while it does.

I wasn't sure quite where I was going when I wrote the first post. To be truthful, 808 posts later, I still haven't quite sussed it.

What I do know is that I enjoy it and I hope you all do too. Even if we disagree at times.

A couple of days ago, Mark and I were having a spirited discussion on Twitter which can be roughly paraphrased "Who was worse, Thatcher or Brown?" I think Thatcher, by a country mile, and Mark thinks Brown. It was a fun discussion. Today Mark made a lovely comment to my earlier posting, telling us about his maternal grandmother. When I read it, I actually cried. That goes to show how varied and brilliant this interwebby thing is.

This post, if all goes well, should appear exactly 12 hours after the last, 9:09 pm on 09/09/09. Night all.

UPDATE: A quick edit just to say that when this posting fed through to Facebook, it was quite appropriate that this blog's midwife was the first to "like" it. Thanks to him for all his technical geeky support over the years. Without him, there'd be no pictures, no blogroll, no links - just words, and that would be boring.

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doctorvee said...

Happy bloggiversary Caron! :-)


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