Sunday, November 14, 2010

For Remembrance Sunday; Remembering the fallen and their families

I am not quite a pacifist, but generally believe that there are better ways of solving problems than using force.

That doesn't stop my unwavering respect and gratitude for the work of the armed forces in this country, past, present and future. I am grateful that we live in a country where it's democratically accountable politicians and not the military who decide where the Armed Forces go and what they do.

On Remembrance Sunday, we remember those husbands, brothers, cousins, fathers, mothers, wives, sisters and friends who have lost their lives while serving our country with the Armed Forces. Their sacrifice would often come after a long time in horrific conditions, far from home. We think of the families who still feel the pain of the loss of their loved one. And we think of those who are coming to terms with the effects of injuries sustained in the course of their duties.

Thank you isn't enough to recognise what these people have given up or been through, but it's important that we say it. Let's be silent for the next two minutes in tribute to those brave men and women.

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