Tuesday, November 23, 2010

William and Kate's wedding gift to political activists

So, the Royal Wedding is going to take place on Friday 29th April, just six days before local council elections in England and elections to the devolved parliaments in Scotland and Wales.

David Cameron has already announced that this will be a public holiday south of the border. The Scottish Government has yet to announce whether they will grant a public holiday up here but if you were the SNP, would you really want to upset workers by refusing to give them the day off the week before you are up for re-election?  I really don't think they are that stupid.

What this means, though, for we political geeks, is an extra day when  activists don't have to go to their day jobs and so can be out on the street knocking on doors or delivering leaflets without having to use up precious annual leave. And, for those who are already bored with the wedding coverage, getting involved in the election campaign is a good way to make sure that you don't drown in the inevitable sea of media hysteria in the months leading up to the happy day.

This is an example of a win win for everybody!


Stephen Glenn said...

*cough* Caron it is also potentially six days before a referendum on the Westminster Voting system, pending legislation going though the House at the moment, that is.

Not that I'm wearing any particular hat when I say that.

Stephen Glenn said...

Tsk you also forgot the devolved Assembly in Northern Ireland. HELLO!!!


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