Friday, November 12, 2010

Stephen Fry is babysitting

I am feeling utterly exhausted this afternoon. Helping at the PTA Book Fair for most of the week has worn me out more than I expected.

I write while lying on the couch, trying to stay awake till Bob gets home. Anna is in here with me watching QI. She adores Stephen Fry & I am grateful that he is keeping her entertained as I dose. He may make the occasional silly assertion but time spent listening to him is always a significant net gain.

The book fair was a great success, bringing in £2400. It's almost as good as last year's record total & we had been worried that in the current economic climate and with it being a month later than usual, people wouldn't have as much money to spend.

We used the Travelling Book Company for a change & found the range of books, particularly for the older children, superb.

I am significantly poorer as Anna knows full well that books are viewed as slightly less important than food & more important than clothes in this house. They are essentials and she exploits this to the max. Amongst her haul is Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox translated into Scots as The Sleekit Mr Tod. I wanted to get The Eejits as well but decided to show just a little restraint.

The Book Fair has been one of my favourite school events and I'm disappointed that this is my last one as a school parent. One of the things I like best is just being around the school & seeing its day to day life. There's always a lovely, calm, happy atmosphere in there and I can see why Anna has always been so happy there.

I hope that I'm going to have recovered sufficiently to attend the Political Innovation event in Edinburgh tomorrow. I need to sleep. A lot.

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