Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Golden Wedding to "the nicest people ever"

Way back in the Summer, we took our daughter and nephew to see a lovely aunt and uncle of mine who we hadn't seen for ages. Anna had been to see them as a baby but my nephew never had.

Anyway, after a really enjoyable evening, we took the kids back to our holiday cottage and they literally didn't shut up, barely pausing to draw breath, about how much they'd enjoyed themselves, and how my aunt and uncle were the "nicest people ever."

That's kind of how I felt whenever I visited their house when I was little.

Anyway, today is their Golden Wedding. My uncle had me in tears before I'd even got out of bed this morning because he'd written something very sweet and romantic on my aunt's Facebook wall. I know I'm incredibly soft - how I survive the brutal world of politics is anyone's guess - but it was very touching to read.

Spending half a century together and raising a loving family is quite some achievement so I hope they'll have a fantastic time celebrating reaching that milestone.

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