Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Authors for Japan auction now live - 150 literary lots up for grabs to help those devastated by the earthquake

How would you fancy having a character in the next novel of a best selling writer named after you?

In fact, how about having your pet appear in a book?

How about a choice of signed copies of all different sorts of books, from children's to fantasy to non fiction to chick lit?

Are you struggling to write a sex scene? Fancy having it critiqued by an expert?

And if you've written your novel already, how about some advice about submitting it to publishers?

As I wrote yesterday, author Keris Stainton has set up a novel (it doesn't get any better the second time out, does it?) site to raise money for those affected by the horrendous event in Japan.  Authors for Japan is an online auction, selling unique, often priceless items donated by authors of which the selection above is just a tiny snippet. When I wrote yesterday, there were only 35 items online. Now there are 150.

Whether you are a budding writer or just an avid reader, there will be something you will want, and something that you can afford. The way it works is that you bid in the comments for any item that takes your fancy. The person with the highest bid on Sunday will then get the item on production of a receipt showing that they have donated to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

I am flicking through the pages in the excited manner of a child let loose in a sweetie shop. If nothing else, it's expanded the list of books I want to read. Liberal Democrats, with more Doctor Who fans per square inch than anywhere else on the planet, will be particularly interested in this offering from Paul Cornell, who wrote, among other stuff, the one where Rose's father died, and the Family of Blood episodes. Am I alone in imagining Inspector Pack of the Yard?

Please help boost the signal on this - let your work colleagues,family,  Facebook friends and Twitter followers know all about it.

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