Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Conflict Resolution, Scottish Lib Dem Campaign HQ style.

A novel take on how to resolve campaign arguments, seen at our nerve centre yesterday.

This actually, is the revised procedure. If I told you what the first version was, I'd have to kidnap you and hold you prisoner for ever and I can't afford to feed you all.

Election campaigns are gruelling things - and this one, at 6 weeks, on top of all the prep work that's been going on for years, is going to be particularly exhausting. Before the campaign builds to its crescendo I want to say a thank you in advance to all the fabulous staff at our Clifton Terrace HQ. They literally will pull in all nighters to get the job done and then work all day as well.  To put an election campaign in perspective, a former staff member decided to cycle from Land's End to John O Groat's for charity to give himself a rest after the 2005 election. That is how hard these people work.

All parties will say the same about their staff, I'm sure, and they all deserve it. I just thought our lot deserved some credit for their amazing efforts, fuelled by a collectively wicked sense of humour and brilliant team spirit. Be nice to them - seriously, if anyone upsets any of them, I will be round to fill their bed with earthworms. 

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